leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen






The leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen, or sometimes designated as l. gl. Einheits-Pkw - literally translated: light cross-country standard-passenger car - was manufactured by Stoewer, Hanomag and BMW from 1936 to early 1944. The superstructures were delivered by ten different companies. It was identical for each manufacturer. Also the lubrication systems and wirings were identical for all manufacturers. Company own engines were used by the various manufacturers. Although fixing points and crank shaft connections were standardised, an engine exchange was very difficult. 42 partially hardly reachable lubrication points had to be supplied every 1,000 km. For this reason, a central lubrication system was introduced in 1938. Untill the type 40 was introduced, the vehicles had four-wheel steering elements. The type 40 was made by Stoewer, exclusively. The all-wheel steering was dropped and the vulnerable cable brake was replaced by an oil brake. Worth mentioning is a special variant of the l. gl. Pkw. - the Hanomag type 13B - made for mountain troops which had a narrower gauge. The l. gl. Pkw. turned out to be too complicated, too heavy and too vulnerable. It was replaced by the considerable better VW-Kübelwagen.






Production models:

Year of construction:





Stoewer R 180 W


4-wheel steering




BMW Type 325


4-wheel steering




Hanomag Type 13B


4-wheel steering

ca. 50



Hanomag Type 20B


4-wheel steering

ca. 3,300



Stoewer R 200 W


4-wheel steering




Stoewer Type 40


2-wheel steering















Designation of the motor vehicle:

Abbreviated designation:



leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen (Kfz. 1) mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw.

l. gl. Pkw. (Kfz. 1)



Nachrichtenkraftwagen (Kfz. 2) mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw.

Nachr. Kw. (Kfz. 2)



Funkkraftwagen (Kfz. 2) mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw.

Fu. Kw. (Kfz. 2)



kleiner Instandsetzungskraftwagen (Kfz. 2/40) mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw.

kl. Inst. Kw. (Kfz. 2/40)



leichter Messtruppkraftwagen (Kfz. 3) mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw.

l. Meßtr. Kw. (Kfz. 3)



Truppenluftschutzkraftwagen (Kfz. 4) mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw.

Tr. Luftsch. Kw. (Kfz. 4)



Sprühkraftwagen mit Einheitsfahrgestell für l. Pkw.







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