Studebaker US6 (6x4 & 6x6)






The USA supplied approximately 150,000 Studebaker US6 (6x4 & 6x6) to the Soviet Union. This durable 2.5 ton lorry was taken over by the Wehrmacht. The vehicle in the photo is a model with all steel driver’s cab. The lorry was upgraded with a German Nachtmarschgerät.






Studebaker US6 früh 6x4 bei WH, Hoppe



This Studebaker US6 (6x4) was captured on the eastern front, too. Most probably it was a vehicle with open driver’s cab which had received a closed driver’s cab of Soviet origin (ZIS-5 ?), later. Note the Studebaker nameplate on the upper part of the radiator grille. This was used on very early vehicles of this type, exclusively.



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