The Kraftfahrzeug-Nachtmarschgerät - night march device for motor vehicles






Simple covering of the headlights with slot-blinds didn’t lead to an acceptable result. So the experimental department for army motorisation (Versuchsabteilung für Heeresmotorisierung) developed a night march device for motor vehicles (Kfz. Nachtmarschgerät) through cooperation with the company Nova-Technik GmbH. The goal was the development of a lighting system which could not be identified from the air and from the ground. Despite optimally illumination of the roadway, the headlight could not be identified on a distance more than 50 meters and then only when one has lain. Moving in convoys and keeping one’s distance was relieved by the distance-rear light. The night march device for motor vehicles (Kfz. Nachtmarschgerät) consisted of following components:

1. Camouflaged headlight (Tarnscheinwerfer)
2. Distance-rear light (Abstands-Rücklicht)
3. Tap-changer (Stufenschalter)

The Kraftfahrzeug-Nachtmarschgerät, abbreviated Kfz. Nachtmarschgerät, was officially introduced with the Kraftfahrtechnischer Anhang zum H.V.Bl. 1939, Teil C, Blatt 22 from 5th August 1939, No. 59 (O.K.H., 30th June 1939 - 76 h/k - In 6 (III ing)).






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1. Tarnscheinwerfer - camouflaged headlight










The camouflaged headlight had to be installed in a position, where no part of the vehicle could be illuminated. A scope of a length of 30 to 40 m and a width of 25 m could be illuminated. (Illustration out of: Betriebs- und Einbauvorschrift, 1939)















In this photo, one can see the regular attachment of the camouflage-headlight on the left mudguard.










2. Abstands-Rücklicht - distance-rear light










The distance-rear light was a combination of rear light, stop light, number plate lighting and distance-light. The shutter covered either the rear / stop light seen below or the distance-light seen ahead. The distance-light was visible as one point on a distance of 300 meters. On a distance of 35 meters, two lights could be seen and on a distance of 25 meters all four lights could be seen. (Illustration out of: Betriebs- und Einbauvorschrift, 1939)















In this photo one can see the distance-rear light attached in its regular position above the number plate. When the distance-light was activated, the opening for the number plate lighting had to be closed. The rear / break light was in red colour and the distance-light was in green.










3. Stufenschalter - tap-changer










The camouflage-headlight and the distance-rear light were turned on resp. off by the tap-changer. The brightness of the camouflage-headlight could be regulated, too. (Illustration out of: Betriebs- und Einbauvorschrift, 1939)










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