Utility Tractor
resp. Artillerieschlepper VA 601 (b)



Utility-Tractor Typ B



Nearly 300 exemplars of the Vickers-Armstrongs Utility Tractor were delivered to the Belgian army from 1935 to 1936. 85 vehicles of the Cavalry version and 177 vehicles of the Infantry version were made. Beginning in 1936, these vehicles were made under license by SA des Ateliers de Construction de Familleureux in Brussels. The last road wheel was fitted further to the rear and the superstructure was longer on these vehicles. Therefore, they had a longer running gear.






VA Utility Tractor + 47mm Pak (b), PzAbwAbt 4, Münch via Hoppe



The Wehrmacht operated these vehicles under the type designation Artillerieschlepper VA 601 (b). The illustrated vehicles are of the original infantry version delivered by Vickers. The upper vehicle was photographed on a German collecting point for war materials, the lower one was already used by a German unit.






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