Henschel Type 33 D 1 (model 1934)






The improved model of the Henschel Type 33 D 1 was made beginning in 1934. Mainly, the power transmission was improved. The two cardan shafts were replaced by one cardan shaft and an additional short cardan shaft between the rear axles. In addition, the wheelbase between the first and second axle was increased. The simple tubular bumper, which was already used on the predecessor model, was still in use without changes.









Later, the bumper was improved. The mountings for the sand tracks were not fitted on early models. Also some later vehicles did not have these mountings.









The conclusion design of the bumper can be seen on this Henschel Type 33 D 1. Around 1937, new triply-lateral divided Trilex rims were introduced. These are identifiable by the missing lip and the clearly visible screw joint.






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