Pantserwagen M 38 (Landsverk 180) resp.
Panzerspähwagen L 202 (h)



Landsverk 180 Panzerwagen Beute, Hoppe



Because of ordinary experiences with the Mercedes-Benz G 3 a/P chassis of the Landsverk 181, Landsverk developed the type 180 with different turret and armaments configurations. Already in 1936, Danmark ordered three vehicles but only two were delivered. Based on known chassis number sequences of Büssing-NAG, these vehicles were most probably based on Büssing-NAG type A 5 P chassis with five litres, six cylinder engines. All other vehicles were based on Büssing-NAG type K L A chassis with L 8 V eight-cylinder engines. In 1937, one vehicle was sold to Estonia and two vehicles to Ireland. Further six vehicles were ordered by Ireland in 1937. In the year 1938, the Netherlands ordered 14 vehicles, of which two were command vehicles, of the Pantserwagen M 38 (Landsverk 180). Only 13 vehicles were delivered (only one command vehicle). The largest part of these vehicles were captured by the Wehrmacht in 1940. The vehicles taken over by the Wehrmacht were designated as Panzerspähwagen L 202 (h). Only five of the ordered six vehicles for Ireland were finished. Because of the British embargo against Ireland, these vehicles were sold to the Svedish Army.






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