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The Büssing-NAG type 4500 S was the successor model of the Büssing-NAG type 500 S. Outwardly, it looked different but it was based on the same technology. It was manufactured from 1942 to 1945. The Büssing-NAG type 4500 S had seven louvres in the side plates of the engine bonnet, too.









Contrary to the Büssing-NAG type 500 S, the type 4500 S had an engine bonnet which ascended slightly towards the driver’s cab. It differed from the Büssing-NAG type 4500 A by the missing differential gear of the front axle and the less massive wheel hubs of the front axle. The rims of the front axle were totally filled by the massive wheel hubs in the case of the type 4500 A.









This Büssing-NAG type 4500 S had the simplified radiator grille introduced in 1943 but the older mudguards. The origin of the interesting box body with transom windows could not be clarified till now. The tactical marking of a Werkstattkompanie (mot) – a motorised workshop company – is visible besides the unknown unit sign on the door.









A further simplification was the introduction of a much narrower bumper, which can be idetified in the illustrated photo.






Büssing-NAG 4500 S spät WH-1566867, Hoppe



Analogical to the Büssing-NAG type 4500 A, a whole range of simplification was introduced to serial production of the Büssing-NAG type 4500 S. Among other things, the illustrated vehicle had fewer louvres, simplified mudguards and a narrower bumper.






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