Büssing-NAG Type 500 (G), as of 1940: Type 500 S



Büssing-NAG 500 S t-mil, WH-146299, Georgens



The Büssing-NAG type 500 was manufactured from 1938 to 1941. Commencing in 1940, it was designated Büssing-NAG type 500 S. It was propelled by a 6 cylinder, 105 HP diesel engine and had a payload of 4.75 tons. At first, vehicles made for the Wehrmacht had the open standard driver’s cab.






Büssing-NAG 500 S, WH-262464, Hoppe



The Büssing-NAG type 500 S was identifiable by seven louvers in the side plates of the engine bonnet. Later, vehicles manufactured for the Wehrmacht had the production line driver’s cab. These vehicles were identifiable by additional stowage boxes under the platform and additional loops for lashing the tarpaulin.









A Sauerstoff-Umfüllgerät 10-50 A was mounted on this Büssing-NAG 500 S. An additional closed compartment was located behind the driver’s cab. Consider that the vehicle was used by a unit of the Heer and not of the Luftwaffe.






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