mittlerer geländegängiger Lastkraftwagen
mit geschlossenem Aufbau (o)

later also:
mittlerer Lastkraftwagen mit geschlossenem Aufbau (A-Typ)






The geschlossener Aufbau - closed superstructure - of the army was exclusively built up on the chassis of the Opel Blitz 3.6-6700 A. Starting in 1941, it replaced the closed superstructures based on other chassis (mainly Kfz. 61). Various equipment sets could be built in. The first testing models were still made in the old design using narrow planks.









The production series of the geschlossener Aufbau was redesigned. Now it was designed as a timber frame construction with fibreboard planking. The superstructure had a clear height of 1,525 mm and was dismountable. The sidewals were screwed together and were screwed to the bottom.









There was also a more domed roof besides the slightly domed standard roof. The roofs were fixed by ten tension locks, each three on the side walls and each two at the front and rear walls.









Mainly for the purpose as Werkstattkraftwagen - workshop motor vehicles - there were Aufsatzwände - attachment walls - to increase the clear hight. Because of that, it could be worked in standing position inside. The Aufsatzwände were fixed by tension locks, too. For the rail transport of the vehicle, the Aufsatzwände had to be dismantled.






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