mittlerer Kraftomnibus (o) (Ergänzungsfahrzeuge)






The drawn in complementary vehicles of the appropriate class were designated as m. Kom. (o), too. Buses based on the Opel Blitz chassis were to be found quite frequent. This Opel Blitz 3.5-47 respectively 3.6-47 omnibus with production line engine bonnet was used by 23. Infanterie Division.









Besides the standard Opel Blitz omnibuses, there were many other variants made by different car body manufacturers. This omnibus of the Marine Kraftwagen Abteilung 803 was most probably based on an Opel Blitz chassis, too. At least the mascot on the engine bonnet in form of a stylised zeppelin – which was typical for Opel – points to this conclusion.









Commencing in the mid 1930s, buses with streamline body were very popular. This Opel Blitz bus was equipped with such a body of the Essen based company Ludewig. The car on the right is an Adler 2.5 Liter (type 10).









The Opel Blitz omnibus chassis had ideal performance characteristics. The multiplicity of car bodies resulted from its popularity.









The illustrated vehicle is a further Opel Blitz omnibus with a streamline car body of an unknown car body manufacturer.









This Opel Blitz 3,6-47 omnibus is interesting. It had an omnibus-trailer which was trailed to the towing vehicle with a coupling and a gaiter. In Germany, only the company Gaubschat made such vehicles. Most probably, the illustrated vehicle was made especially for the Luftwaffe.









This Opel Blitz 3,6-47 with heigthened superstructure is interesting. Such vehicles were used as vehicle for promotion travels or exhibitions in the 1930s. The illustrated vehicle was converted to a field operation wagon.






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