Selbstfahrlafette für 2 cm Flak 38
[m. gl. Lkw. A-Typ]






Most probably in the year 1944, a self propelled 2 cm Flak 38 based on the chassis of the Opel Blitz 3.6-6700 A was created. Similar to the self propelled A.A. guns based on half track chassis, it had a steel platform and foldable dropsides made of grid material.









The driver’s cab and the radiator were protected by armoured plates. It seems that these vehicles were mainly used by the Luftwaffe. Only one photo is known with a WH-number plate.









Prior to this, attempts were made to convert the Opel Blitz 3.6-6700 A into a self-propelled anti aircraft gun, like  the illustrated vehicle armed with a 2 cm Flak 30 proves.






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