Lanz Type HN3 20/25 PS Bulldog



Lanz Bulldog HN3 D7506, WH-Kennzeichen, Hoppe



In different variants, the Lanz type HN3 20/25 PS Bulldog was made from 1935 to 1944. The shown vehicle is a Lanz type HN3-D7506 Ackerluft-Bulldog. The vehicle had a Wehrmacht number plate.






Lanz Bulldog HN3 D7506 Allzweck ziv für WL, mit 3 Hängern, Rogge



This civilian Lanz type HN3-D7506 Allzweck-Bulldog towed several trailers of a unit of the Luftwaffe. In the pre-war period, it was not unusual that civilians were committed for transport tasks of the Wehrmacht.






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