Einheitsfahrgestell für mittlere Lastkraftwagen



m gl Lkw 4t 8x8 Fahrgestell (MAN), Archiv Westerwelle



In the course of the development of Einheitsfahrgestellen - standard chassis - for lorries, MAN developed an Einheitsfahrgestells für mittlere Lastkraftwagen - standard chassis for medium lorries. The chassis had a load capacity of 5 tons so that a payload of 4 tons could be achieved. It had all-wheel drive and single tyre arangement on all wheels. The axial distance between the first and second axle as well as the third and fourth axle was 1,100 mm. According to the designated purpose, the distance between the second and third axle was variable. A large amount of the parts was idetical to the Einheitsfahrgestell für leichte Lastkraftwagen. The vehicle should be propelled by an eight-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 120 HP. It seems that only four testing chassis were made.






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