mit Einheitsfahrgestell für l. Lkw.



l gl Lkw Bilsteinkran (MAN), Archiv Westerwelle



The l. gl. Lkw. was made for many special tasks. In this photo one can see a Bergekraftwagen mit Einheitsfahrgestell für l. Lkw. The vehicle was equipped with a Bilstein Abschlepp-Schwenkkran - recovery-slewing-crane - model G 08.13. The crane superstructure was directly mounted onto the frame of the chassis.









Most probably, this l. gl. Lkw. with Abschlepp-Schwenkkran G 08.13 and Fahrzeugplatte - vehicle plate - for the mounting of a snow plough was a formerly civilian vehicle. Anyhow, it had dropsides made of wood and a closed driver’s cabin. For the operation of the snow plough, it had extended mountings for the headlights on the front mudguards.






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