Mercedes-Benz Type Lo 3500, Lo 3750 resp. O 3750



Kom Mercedes Lo 3750 RP-34577, Münch via Hoppe



2,535 exemplars of the Mercedes-Benz omnibus type-series Lo 3500 (until 1936), Lo 3750 and O 3750 were made from 1933 to 1941. The Reichspost was a large customer for such buses. During the construction of the Siegfried Line, the Reichspost provided 4100 buses to the Organisation Todt for transportation of workers.






Kom Mercedes Lo 3750 WL-167342, Rogge via Hoppe



The Mercedes-Benz type Lo 3500, Lo 3750 resp. O 3750 omnibuses had 32 to 43 seats and were therefore classified as heavy omnibuses by the Wehrmacht. More than the commercial lorries, the buses with their long wheelbases suffered under the worse road conditions in the east. The shown bus is a Mercedes-Benz type Lo 3750 which is identifiable by the simple ventilation louvres in the side plates of the engine bonnet.









Commencing in 1936, engine bonnet side plates with each four horizontal louvres were used. In 1937, the Lo 3750 was renamed O 3750 without any noticeable changes in the construction.






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