schwerer Lastkraftwagen, offen (o)



Büssing-NAG 500 S t-mil, WH-146299, Georgens



Commercial lorries with a dead weight of up to 8,900 kg and a payload of more than 3,500 kg were classified as schwerer Lastkraftwagen, offen (o) - heavy lorry, open (commercial), abbreviated s. Lkw., off. (o). The key factor was the payload. The Büssing-NAG 500 S with a dead weight of about 5,350 kg and a payload of 4,750 kg was a typical vehicle of this class.









Even the heavy three-axled FAUN L 900 D 567 with a dead weight of 8,900 kg, a payload of 9,500 kg and a total weight of 18,400 kg met the requirements of the s. Lkw., off. (o).






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