mittlerer Scheinwerferkraftwagen
[m. gl. Lkw. (o)]






The mittlerer Scheinwerferkraftwagen - medium searchlight motor vehicle - on m. gl. Lkw. (o) - medium cross country lorry (comercial) - had no Kfz. number because it corresponded to a large extent to the standard m. gl. Lkw., off. (o). Compared to the m. gl. Lkw., off. (o), the tailgate was higher constructed. An additional door could be opened when the tailgate was closed.






Henschel 33 mScheinwKw, Hoppe



Two short crew benches were arranged to the right and left rear of the platform. At the very front of the platform, a stowing box was mounted crosswise to the driving direction. Different items of equipment could be fixed to the platform between.






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