leichter geländegängiger Lastkraftwagen, offen (o)



Magirus M 206 WH-50515, Kf 5, 18-07-1936, Kalbitz via Hoppe



Commercial cross-country lorries with a dead weight of up to 3,300 kg and a payload of up to 1,500 kg were classified as leichter geländegängiger Lastkraftwagen, offen (o) - light cross-country lorry, open (commercial), abbreviated l. gl. Lkw., off. (o). The key factor was the payload. The Magirus M 206 with a dead weight of 3,200 kg and a payload of 1,500 kg was a typical vehicle of this class. Further vehicles of this class were the Büssing-NAG G 31 and the Mercedes Benz G 3 and G 3a. Although the Krupp L 2 H 43 and L 2 H 143 did not met the demands in the fields engine capacity, power and payload, they were nevertheless classified as l. gl. Lkw., off. (o).






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