Pionierkraftwagen I
[m. gl. Lkw. (o)]






Until now, the Pionierkraftwagen I - engineer motor vehicle I, abbreviated Pi. Kw. I, could only be proven on the chassis of the Henschel Type 33 and the Mercedes-Benz LG 3000. The Pi. Kw. I had no mountings for the cross-country tracks on the dropsides because the dropsides had to be opend for the exit of the crew.









The Pionierkraftwagen I as Gruppen-Lkw. - group-lorry - was equipped with an Einbau - installation - a. The Einbau a consisted of two Gerätekasten - equipment cabinets - attached to the front and to the rear. Between, a Einfachbank - single-bench - and a Doppelbank - dual-bench - were installed.









In contrast to that, the Pionierkraftwagen I as Zug-Lkw. - towing-lorry - had an Einbau b. The Einbau b consisted of a forward and a rearward equipment cabinet whereby the rearward equipment cabinet was higher. Between, only two single-benches were installed. A großer Floßsack - large rubber dinghy - 34 with accessories could be carried along between the second single-bench and the rearward equipment cabinet.






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