Bekleidungs-Entgiftungskraftwagen (Kfz. 93, 93/1)
mit Fahrgestell des m. gl. Lkw. (o)






The Bekleidungs-Entgiftungskraftwagen - clothing-decontamination motor vehicle - (Kfz. 93, and 93/1) was a further special vehicle of the Nebeltruppe. By the use of steam and chemical detergents, clothing could be decontaminated.









The Bauausführung 1939 illustrated above had two decontamination chambers arranged in driving direction, the Bauausführung 1941 illustrated below had two chambers arranged across the driving direction. The Bekl. Eg. Kw. (Kfz. 91/1) is illustrated on a type sheet of the Bildermappe eingeführte Waffen und Geräte. Outwardly the vehicle corresponds widely to the Bauausführung 1941 but is seems that the vehicle could also produce hot air for decontamination.






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