Fernsprechbetriebskraftwagen (Kfz. 72)
mit Fahrgestell des m. gl. Lkw. (o)






The Fernsprechbetriebskraftwagen - telephone operating motor vehicle - (Kfz. 72), abbreviated Fsp. Betr. Kw. (Kfz. 72), had a crew of three. The two upper photos illustrate the Krupp variant of the Fsp. Betr. Kw. (Kfz. 72). On the left side of the box body, a Klappleiter - folding ladder - and below a two piece Drahtgabel - wire fork - were mounted. Above the door, two Abspannleisten - marshalling panels - with each 40 Isolierporzellanrollen - insulating porcelain coils - were located. In the photo right beside the Abspannleisten, a Auffahrbohle - supporting plank - is visible, of these two were mounted on the roof.









On the rearside of the box body, two Reserveräder -  spare wheels - and six Erdleitungsrohre - earth conductor tubes - were mounted. Two additional Erdleitungsrohre were located at the frontside to the left and right of the driver’s cab. Mountings for 20 Stangenteile - rod pieces - and below for a Pfahleisen - stake-iron - were located on the right side. A further Abspannleiste with 40 Isolierporzellanrollen was fixed on the right roof edge. The ladder on the right side behind the driver’s cab was also typical. It was used to climb to the roof of the box body.






Henschel 33 Kfz 72 FernsprBetrKw, Frank via Hoppe



In the next two photos, one can see the Henschel version of the Fsp. Betr. Kw. (Kfz. 72). The box body was changed. Now it was clearly sepparated from the driver’s cab. The placing of the external equipment was changed, too. Now, the Auffahrbohlen were mounted at the backside of the box body.









The 20 Stangenteile and the Pfahleisen were now fixed to the left side of the superstructure while the Klappleiter and the two piece Drahtgabel were mounted on the right side. The storage of the eight Erdleitungsrohre was changed, too. They were now bundled to one group of four on the left side of the box body and two groups of two on the frontside to the left and right of the driver’s cab.









The Fsp. Betr. Kw. (Kfz. 72) based on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz LG 3000 had remarkable differences regarding the storage of the external equipment. This was caused by the noticeable shorter box body which had only two windows per side.






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