leichter Vermessungsanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109) - light survey trailer
leichter Kartendruckanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/1) - light map printing trailer
Kartenzeichenanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/2 - map drawing trailer
Bildstellenanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/3) - image office trailer
Bildmeßanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/4) - image survey trailer
Bildkartieranhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/5) - image ploting trailer
Dunkelkammeranhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/6) - darkroom trailer
Vermessungsauswerteanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/7) - survey analysing trailer
Werkst. Anh. für Feinmechaniker (Sd. Ah. 109/8) - workshop trailer for precision mechanic
Buchbinderanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/9) - bookbinder trailer
leichter Kartenreproduktionsanhänger I (Sd. Ah. 109/10) - light map replication trailer I
leichter Kartenreproduktionsanhänger II (Sd. Ah. 109/11) - light map replication trailer II
leichter Buchdruckanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/12) - light letterpress printing trailer
Lichtpausanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/13) - blue printing trailer
leichter Kopieranhänger (Sd. Ah. 109/14) - light duplication trailer






Not much is known about the leichter Vermessungsanhänger (Sd. Ah. 109) and its 14 subvariants. It was listed in D 600 at least since 1940 but there was still no type data sheet in mid 1943 (D 600 was rarely up to date). According to the position in D 600, it is verified that it was a two-axled trailer. Because it was classified as a light survey trailer, it was for sure smaller than the schwere Vermes- sungs-anhänger (Sd. Ah. 111). According to K.St.N. 2071 (and following) - the details about the 14 subvariants originate also from these K.St.N.’s - from November 1943, a wheeled tractor with 50 to 100 HP was scheduled as towing vehicle. A middle Omnibus or a 4.5 ton lorry with closed superstructure could be used as replacement. These details alow inferences about the size of the Sd. Ah. 109. The shown trailer has a matching size and it has some similarities to the Sd. Ah. 111. Therefore, this trailer could be an Sd. Ah. 109. Can somebody confirm this?






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