Backanhänger (Sd. Ah. 105)






The Backanhänger (Sd. Ah. 105) was the first modern field oven of the Reichswehr respectively Wehrmacht. It was a modernised Backofenwagen (Vwf. 1). The main difference was the use of pneumatic tyres. (Image out of H.Dv. 489/2)









The rear part was noticeable changed, too. Mainly, it was horse drawn. Motor driven, it was allowed to reach a top speed of 25 km/h. (Image out of H.Dv. 489/2)






Backanhänger Sd Ah 105, Hoppe



The left field oven is a Sd. Ah. 105. It had received some noticeable changes. On the right side, a Backanhänger (umgeändert) (Sd. Ah. 105) can be seen. It was a Vwf. 1 which was converted to a Sd. Ah. 105.






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