Stahlfeldwagen (Hf. 7)






The Stahlfeldwagen – steel field wagon – (Hf. 7) in the version as großer Gefechtswagen - large combat wagon - (Hf. 7/11) was officially introduced with the H.V.Bl. 1937 Blatt 8 from 27th February 1937, No. 215. With the A.H.M. 1939, Blatt 20 from 7th October 1939, No. 675, the base vehicle Stahlfeldwagen (Hf. 7) and additional variants were introduced. Its deadweight was about 1 ton and it could carry a payload of 1.5 tons. An additional drawbar for motorised towing was available as accessory.









The Hf. 7 should be towed by two draught horses. As a result, each horse had to tow 1.3 tons. As a comparison, each horse of a four-horse drawn schwere Heeresfeldwagen (Hf. 2) had a load of 0.5 ton.









This caused many problems during the campaigns in the east. Therefore, the Hf. 7 became famous as horse murderer. To discharge the draught horses, this Hf. 7 of 23. Infanterie Division was towed by six horses.









This Stahlfeldwagen (Hf. 7) was used by a medical unit during the campaign against the Soviet Union. In this case, it was towed by four horses (not visible in this cut-out).






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