große Feldküche (Hf. 11 & Hf. 13)



Grosse Feldküche, angespannt, Hoppe



The design of the große Feldküche – large field kitchen – (Hf. 11) respectively (Hf. 13) originated from First World War. Both models differed only in details. A Vorderwagen – anterior wagon – belonged to the große Feldküche. A stock of ingredients was stored in the Vorderwagen. The carriage body of the Vorderwagen was made of wood in the case of the Hf. 11 and of sheet steel in the case of the Hf. 13.









The feed boiler with a volume of 200 litres was arranged in the middle. The coffee boiler had a volume of 90 litres. It was arranged on the left side (obviously, there were two in the case of the Hf. 11). The two storage compartments on the right side of the Hf. 11 (hatches opened to each other) were replaced with a roasting and stewing unit in the case of the Hf. 13 (hatches opened in direction to the feed boiler).









This große Feldküche (Hf. 13) of 24. Panzer Division was provisionally converted for motorised towing. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)






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