Chevrolet - 1938






This Chevrolet of the year of construction 1938 has some mysterious markings. The tactical sign could be that of a cavalry squadron. But these were not motorised. Another possibility is that the A of the tactical sign of a motorised reconnaissance company was forgotten. The unit sign on the door couldn’t be identified, too.









Early in 1944, many of the remaining heavy American passenger cars were converted to special vehicles. This Chevrolet of the year of construction was converted to a Funkkraftwagen (Kfz. 15) (Behelf). The photo was made in France in March 1944.









This Chevrolet model 1938 was converted to a makeshift personnel carrier. The photo was made on Whitsunday on 30th May 1945. Most probably, these soldiers of a Luftwaffe unit were located in the unoccupied area of the German Reich and were waiting to become prisoners of war.



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