PZInz 713



PZInz_713_Fahrgestell, Hoppe



The PZInz 713 COE lorry was created as an independent development by PZInz in the late 1930s. The first exemplars were delivered before September 1939. After the German attack on Poland, machines, materials and workers were evacuated towards the east. Some times later, the attack by the Soviet Union occurred. Most probably, the machines and the materials were captured by Soviet troops. Obviously, whole chassis were amongst the materials. This PZInz 713 chassis – and some more not visible on this cutout - was captured by a unit of the Wehrmacht in the first stage of the campaign against the Soviet Union.









This COE lorry is without doubt a vehicle based on a PZInz 713 chassis. Most probably, the captured chassis got driver’s cab’s and superstructures by an unknown company by order of the Wehrmacht.









Possibly, other engines were used. The obviously longer gap between the bumper and the front wheel on the finished lorry compared to the shown chassis could be cause by the use of a longer engine.






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