PZInz 153c



PZInz_713_Fahrgestell, Hoppe



The PZInz 153 chassis was a manufacture under license of the Swiss Saurer 3CT 1D chassis. It was procured in limited numbers for the production of omnibuses in the mid 1930s. As a variant, the PZInz 153c chassis in COE design was created.  The exact details and production numbers are not preserved. The chassis in the picture, and further chassis not illustrated in this cutout, were photographed in front of the Ursus works in Warsaw.









This COE lorry is without doubt a vehicle based on a PZInz 153c chassis. Most probably, the captured chassis got driver’s cab’s and superstructures by an unknown company by order of the Wehrmacht. Another possibility is the use of available parts of Polish origin.









Possibly, other engines were used. The obviously longer gap between the bumper and the front wheel on the finished lorry compared to the illustrated chassis could be caused by the use of a longer engine.






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