Humber Snipe / Super Snipe






The Humber Snipe, which was propelled by a six-cylinder engine, was manufactured beginning in 1936. The illustrated Humber Snipe is most probably a vehicle of the model years 1939/40.









In October 1938, it was completed by the Humber Super Snipe. The Super Snipe had the same car body like the Snipe but had the larger four litres engine of the Humber Pullman. This formerly British army passenger car is a Humber Super Snipe Saloon 4x2. Most probably this vehicle was captured during the campaign in the west in 1940. The unit sign could not be identified so far.









This Humber Super Snipe Saloon was used by a medical unit of the Kriegsmarine. The Mk 2 variant was made for the British army beginning late in 1939. It is identifiable by the larger tyres.






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