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Hans Trippel born in Groß-Umstadt in 1908 started with the building of automobiles in a hired horse barn in Darmstadt in 1932. After a failed attempt with the building of a racing car Trippel turned towards the building of amphibious cars. Until 1936, the amphibious car type SG-6 was developed. In October 1936, Trippel could demonstrate his amphibious car in the Chancellery of the Reich in front of Hitler. The latter authorised subsidies so that Trippel could acquire an old slaughterhouse near Homburg. There, serial production of the SG-6 was started in 1937. Until 1939, a larger version, the SG-6 Pionier, was developed which could carry up to 16 soldiers. This variant was made until 1943. In 1940, Trippel acquired the Bugatti Works in Molsheim where production was continued beginning in 1941. From 1941 to 1944, the improved Trippel SG-6/41 with streamline body was manufactured.







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Trippel SG-6


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Trippel SG-6 Pionier




Trippel SG-6/41







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