MAN Type F 4 / F 5






The MAN type F 4 was the largest MAN lorry of its time. Altogether 1,325 vehicles were manufactured from 1936 to 1940. Actually, it had a payload of 8 tons, but legal restrains in the German Reich caused a limitation to 6.5 tons. The MAN type F 4 was propelled by a 150 HP MAN D 3555 diesel engine.






MAN_F4_&_unbek_Lkw_&_MB_L_6500This MAN F 4 / F 5 had the modernised driver’s cab which was introduced for all produced MAN types around 1938. The angular bumper is clearly visible from this perspective. The vehicle belonged to Kraftwagen Transport Abteilung z.b.V. 979. In 1939, this type was renamed to MAN F 5 without outwardly visible changes. From this time on the slightly modified MAN D 3555G engine was used.









MAN type F 4 as tipper lorry were rarely used by the Wehrmacht. Interestingly, the illustrated vehicle belonged to a bakery company.






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