Göricke Saxonetten der Luftlandetruppe



The bicycle auxiliary motor Saxonette, which was developed by Fichtel & Sachs, was presented in 1937. Beginning in 1938, it was built into bicycle of the companies Anker-Werke, Assmann, Bauer & Co., Bismarck AG, Brennabor-Werke, Brüsselbach, Dürkopp-Werke, Exelsior-Werke, Göricke, Gritzner-Kayser, Hainsberger Metallwerke, Hercules, Meister, Miele & Cie, Panther, Patria- WKC, Presto, Rixe & Co., Torpedo, Urania-Fahrradwerke, Victoria, Walther & Co. und Wanderer-Werke AG. The 60 ccm engine had a power of 1.5 HP. It could accelerate a bicycle up to a top speed of 25 to 30 km/h. Obviously, the German Luftwaffe was interrested in the Saxonette (illustrated is most probably the make Göricke).






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