Dürkopp L 3



Dürkopp L 3 IA-51542, Hoppe



The Dürkopp L 3 for 3 to 3.5 tons payload was made from 1919 to approximately 1929. Different petrol engines from 40 to 60 HP were offered. Although this Dürkopp L 3 had a civilian license number, it belonged most probably to the Reichswehr. The Reichswehr maintained a whole range of motor vehicles at civilian bureaus and in illegal stocks.






Dürkopp L3 WH-80309, Vorkrieg Kaserne, Aubrat via Hoppe



The left side of a  Dürkopp L 3 with the spare wheel mounting. Especially vehicles of manufacturers which ceased production a longer time ago were often modified over the time, like the illustrated vehicle with a retrofitted bumper.






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