Mercedes-Benz Type L 3000 S (L 66)






The modernised version of the 3 ton lorry was manufactured named as Mercedes-Benz type L 3000 S from 1938 to 1944. In the photo above one can see a Mercede-Benz type L 3000 S during engine maintenance. The vehicle seems to be painted in dark-grey with dark-brown camouflage pattern. This was typical for the years 1938 to 1940.






Mercedes L 3000 S Küchenwagen



This Mercedes-Benz type L 3000 S was converted to a field kitchen car. Note the changed front mudguards compared to the Mercedes-Benz type L 3000 of the year of construction 1938/39.









The Mercedes-Benz type 3000 S did not withstand the demands of war - especially in Russia. The competition model of Opel met the demands easily! This Mercedes-Benz L 3000 S with standard box body stuck in the mud. The vehicle of the Luftwaffe had a multi colour camouflage finish. Mercedes-Benz type L 3000 S lorries with box body seem to have been quite frequently used by Luftwaffe units.









This photo illustrates the late production model of the Mercedes-Benz L 3000 S from 1943/44. Unnecessary embellishments were omitted like the rear mudguards. The bumper was replaced by a narrower model.






Mercedes L 3000 S spät, Hoppe



Finally, smaller headlights were installed. The box like diagonally arranged attachment belonged to the Sonderausrüstung Winterbetrieb, a special equipment for the operation in winter.






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