Pionierkraftwagen III
[l. gl. Lkw. (o)]



Mercedes G3a Pionier-Kw III bei WH, Hoppe



The Pionierkraftwagen III - engineer motor vehicle III, abbreviated Pi. Kw. III, was most probably introduced in the mid 1930s. Therefore, it could only rarely be found based on the chassis of the older l. gl. Lkw. (o) - light cross-country lorry (commercial). Until now, only the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz G 3 a and the Magirus M 206 could be identified.









The initial design of the Pi. Kw. III had a one piece tailgate in the rear wall of the platform which could be folded down. A change in design was directed in the H.V.Bl. 1937, No. 12 from 6th April 1937, ser. No. 367, which had to be executed until 31st May 1937. The one piece hatch had to be replaced by a two winged door (see image below). The rubber buffers below the platform were omitted.









A Pionierkraftwagen III with the implemented change in design seen from the rear. Observe the large equipment cabinet with opened compartments. According to the A.H.M. 1936, Blatt 5 from 20th February 1936, the Pi. Kw. III were combat vehicles with special cabinets. Because these could be damaged during logistical drives, such drives were forbidden. (Image from Handbuch für Heerestaktik Band 2)






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