DKW-F5 Reichsklasse 600 / Meisterklasse 700






This car is a DKW-F5 Meisterklasse 700 two-door limousine of the year of construction 1935-36. The DKW-F5 Reichsklasse 600 had an inferior engine and a shorter wheelbase. Obviously, the car still carried its civilian lacquer finish. However, tactical markings of a medical unit were applied.









This DKW F5-700, in this case a Front Luxus Cabriolet, was also used by a unit of the Wehrmacht. It seems that the vehicle has received a dark-grey camouflage finish.









A variant as delivery van was offered on the chassis of the DKW F5-700. Surely, such vehicles were only rarely used by the Wehrmacht. In this case, the usage by the Wehrmacht is clearly proven by the WH on the right fender.






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