Adler Type L 6






Beginning in 1927, the Adler type L 6 based on the chassis of the Adler Standard 6 was offered. The vehicle had a payload of 1,5 ton. The position of the brand logo on the radiator grille of the illustrated vehicle points to the years of construction 1927 to 1929.









Most probably, this Adler lorry is also an Adler L 6. Concluded by the low driver’s cab, it could also be a converted limousine. The newly designed radiator grille points to the years of construction 1930 and 1931.









According to “Geschichte des deutschen Lkw-Baus” from W.H. Gebhardt, this lorry is an Adler L 6 of the last production series of the year of construction 1932. Another variant with a payload of 2.5 tons was offered, too. This is identifiable by the rear wheels with dual-tyre arrangement.






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