Renault Primaquatre
(KZ6, KZ8, KZ10, KZ18, KZ24, ACL1, ACL2, BDF1, BDF2, BDS1, BDS2)






The Renault Primaquatre was made in different models from 1931 to 1941. The illustrated vehicle of an unknown unit of the Wehrmacht is the model KZ18 from 1934.






Renault Primaquatre Cabrio 1517-W12 WH, Hoppe



The illustrated cabriolet with two seats corresponds to the Renault Primaquatre model ACL1 which was made beginning in 1936.









Presumably, this Renault Primaquatre of the years of construction 1938 to 1940 was confiscated just a short time before the photo was made. It was provisionally marked with a white WH on the mudguard as a vehicle belonging to the Wehrmacht.









The Renault Primaquatre (BDS1) had a four-cylinder engine with a power of 62 HP. This one belonged to a maintenance unit and led a column of likewise captured ZIS-5 lorries which are not visible in this photo cut-out.






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