Tatra T 6500/111 & T 8000/111



Tatra T 111 WH-915317, via Hoppe



The Tatra T 111 was developed of the Tatra T 81 in 1943. The central supporting tube was a technical feature which allowed a frameless construction. The first prototype was presented in April 1943. Serial production of the vehicle designated as Tatra Type T 6500/111, which had a payload of 6.35 tons, was started in October 1943. 60 exemplars were finished this year. Beginning in April 1944, the suspension elements were strengthened which lead to an increased payload of 8 tons. The vehicle was now designated Tatra Type T 8000/111. The Tatra T 111 was propelled by a 14.8 litres, 12 cylinder diesel engine with a power of 210 HP. A derivate of this engine was used for the eight-wheel armoured car chassis Type ARK. Early exemplars had a driver’s cab made of sheet steel. The largest part of the ca. 900 finished vehicles had a Holzfahrerhaus made of wood and fibreboard which can be seen on the illustrated photo. Besides the platform lorry, a version with box body was made.






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