Skoda 6STP6-L, 6STP6-LD






Altogether 88 exemplars were manufactured of the Skoda 6STP6-L propelled by a 100 HP petrol engine from 1936-1939. In addition, 258 exemplars of the Skoda 6STP6-LD propelled by a 100 HP diesel engine were made in the same time period. Both types ha a payload of 4 tons and a 5 tons cable winch as standard.









This vehicle was taken over by the Wehrmacht. It was tested by German soldiers. The original Czechoslovakian tactical markings were still present. 180 vehicles of the 258 vehicles with diesel engines were sold to Yugoslavia, all vehicles with petrol engines were bought by Rumania. It is remarkable, that this all wheel driven vehicle had to be pushed by the soldiers under these ground conditions.






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