Radschlepper Ost (Porsche type 175)






The Radschlepper Ost (RSO) - literally translated: wheeled-tractor east - was developed by professor Porsche based on a demand for a primitive wheeled tractor. Skoda was ordered to manufacture a pilot series of 200 exemplars in January 1943. After negative experiences in the course of a comparison run with Maultier vehicles, the order was reduced to 100 exemplars on 11th April 1943. Any further production was dropped.









The Radschlepper Ost was propelled by a 90 HP four-cylinder petrol engine with a cylinder capacity of six litres. A payload of four tons could be carried at a deadweight of 12 tons. A cable winch with a towing capacity of 5 tons was available as further equipment. The illustrated vehicle was used by the Organisation Todt.






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