Steyr 1500 A & 2000 A (Type 274)






The Steyr 1500 A was quite popular. It was propelled by a Steyr V8 engine with an engine size of 3.5 litres and a power of 85 HP and it had all-wheel drive. The Steyr 1500 A/01 with internall spare wheel was manufactured from September 1941 to around August 1942.









The large clearance of 27.5 cm, the wading depth of 70 cm and the air-cooling made the Steyr 1500 A to an ideal cross-country vehicle. Around August 1942, the superstructure was changed. The spare wheel was moved outside of the car body. This model was manufactured until March 1944. Steyr made 12,450 vehicles of the Steyr 1500 A from September 1941 to March 1944.









The roomy but simply constructed car body was perfectly suitable for the usage as personnel carrier. The relatively large payload of 1.675 kg in proportion to the deadweight of 2.500 kg was favourable, too. For comparison, the s. gl. Einheits-Pkw had a deadweight of 3.200 to 3300 kg in relation to a payload of 1.000 to 1.100 kg. The rear fenders were omitted around mid 1943.









In late 1943, the chassis was strengthened by adding additional leaf springs to the rear axle. Production was stopped by heavy bombing raids in March 1944. Not before August 1944 production was continued now under the designation Steyr 2000 A. Until February 1945, 6,400 exemplars of the Steyr 2000 A were made. In addition, about 5,600 exemplars of the Steyr types 1500 A and 2000 A were made by Wanderer.









Besides the usage as Mannschaftskraftwagen - personnel carrier - (Kfz. 70) and as Protzkraftwagen - towing vehicle for guns - (Kfz. 69), the Steyr 1500 A / 2000 A was quite often used as Funkkraftwagen - radio motor vehicle - (Kfz. 15).









The conspicuous Dachantenne - roof antenne - on this Steyr 1500 A of a unit of the Waffen-SS points to the usage of a long-range radio equipment set.









The Truppenluftschutzkraftwagen Kfz. 4 based on the Steyr 1500 A was a rare vehicle. Three Kfz. 4 based on the Steyr 1500 A can be seen in this photo. The unit of the Kriegsmarine to which these vehicles belonged was based in Greek.






Steyr 1500 Cabrio WH-171559, GFM Hube bei 23 PD 1943, Hoppe



Some commander’s cabriolets based on the Steyr 1500 A were manufactured, too. On the prototype, the spare wheels were fitted outside of the car body. This was changed on the serial model. The illustrated vehicle belonged to Generalfeldmarschall Hube. The photo was made in the area of 23. Panzer Division in the year 1943.









The closed canvas top on this Steyr 1500 A commander’s cabriolet enables a good view to the large boot on the rear of the vehicle. The spare wheel was stored there, too. The car bodies of the commander’s cabriolets were made by the company Gläser. The illustrated vehicle belonged to the staff of XXXX. Panzerkorps.






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