Lastkraftwagen 4,5t, geschlossen, gl






Commercial lorries with closed superstructure and about 4.5 tons payload, which were manufactured according to A (4x4 drive) criteria, were designated Lastkraftwagen 4,5t, geschlossen, gl - lorry 4.5 tons, closed, cross-country. Obviously, only the Einheits-Kofferaufbau - standard box body - of the army was used. The illustrated vehicle is most probably a battery charger motor vehicle.






Büssing-NAG 4500 A Koffer WH-1373051, Aubrat



The usage was specified in the appropriate K.St.N. Lkw 4,5t, geschlossen, gl were used for example as armourer workshop motor vehicle, as workshop motor vehicle, as telephone operation motor vehicle, as amplifier motor vehicle and as lorry for workshop equipment and spare parts.






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