Panzerkampfwagen 35 (t)






In October 1934, Skoda presented its new S-II-a battle tank to the Ministry of Defence of Czechoslovakia. Two prototypes were tested in 1935. Despite many mechanical problems, serial production of the tank now designated LT Vz 35 was started by Skoda and CKD in 1936. Many of these problems could be solved until 1938. In 1939, Czechoslovakia was destroyed by Germany. The German Wehrmacht took over 244 of the 298 manufactured LT Vz 35, 52 remained in the now independend Slovakian state and two were captured by Hungary. After a few changes, the vehicles were integrated to the stocks of the Wehrmacht under the designation Panzerkampfwagen 35 (t). The main part of the vehicles were assigned to Panzer Regiment 11 and Panzer Abteilung 65 of 1. leichte Division. After the Polish campaign, 1. l. Div. was reorganised to the 6. Panzerdivision which used this tank until the end of 1941. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)






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