mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 5t (Sd. Kfz. 6/1) with artillery superstructure






A part of the m. Zgkw. 5t was equipped with the artillery superstructure. Contrary to the engineer superstructure, the artillery superstructure had only two rows of seats but it had a stowage compartment at the rear. Especially at the beginning of war, the Sd. Kfz. 6/1 was often seen due to production backlog of the Sd. Kfz. 11.









They were also used as towing vehicles for the 10.5 cm le. FH 18, the 10 cm s. K. 18, the 15 cm s. FH 18 and the 15 cm s. FH 37 (t). But in this case it was a heavy lorry of the make Henschel.






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