Panzerkampfwagen IV (7,5 cm) (Sd. Kfz. 161/1)
Ausführung G






From March 1942 to June 1943, altogether 1,930 vehicles of the Ausführung G (8. Serie B.W.), which was designated Ausführung F 2 from March to June 1942, were manufactured. The Ausführung G corresponded widely to the Ausführung F but had the stronger 7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L/43. During the production period, several changes and improvements were introduced to serial production. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)









Beginning in May 1942, some vehicles received welded additional 30 mm frontal armour. Beginning in early 1943, all vehicles received this additional armour. Beginning in April 1943, this armour was fixed by screws. The new commander’s cupola with one piece hatch and 80 mm armour was introduced in February 1943. Beginning in April 1943, the improved 7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L/48 was installed and additional armoured skirts were fitted to the turret and the hull sides.






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