Sammlerkraftwagen (Kfz. 42) &
Nachrichtenwerkstattkraftwagen (Kfz. 42)
mit Fahrgestell des m. Lkw. (o)






According to the images shown in D 600, the Nachrichtenwerkstattkraftwagen - signals workshop motor vehicle - (Kfz. 42), abbreviated Nachr. Werkst. Kw. (Kfz. 42), and the Sammler- kraftwagen - battery motor vehicle - (Kfz. 42), abbreviated Samml. Kw. (Kfz. 42), could not be differentiated outwardly. The Nachr. Werkst. Kw. (Kfz. 42) was officially introduced with the H.V.Bl. 1938, Teil A Blatt12, No. 106 from 1st October 1938.









Until now, the Kfz. 42 could only be proven based on the chassis of the m. Lkw. (o) - medium lorry (commercial) - Magirus M 30 and VOMAG 3 LR. The two versions of the Kfz. 42 could only be differentiated by the equipment and the total weight. The combat weight of the Nachr. Werkst. Kw. (Kfz. 42) was 6,600 kg, that of the Samml. Kw. (Kfz. 42) was 5,850 kg.






Borgward_B_3000_S_mit_improvisiertem Kofferaufbau



Until now, the illustrated box body design could only be proven on the chassis of the m. Lkw. (o) Borgward Type 3t Benzin G.W. and Borgward Type 3t Diesel G.W. Nearly on all known photos, an Anhänger (1 achs.) für Sammlerladegerät D (Sd. Ah. 23) is towed by these vehicles. Therefore, it is most probably a later variant of the Sammlerkraftwagen (Kfz. 42) made around 1939/40.






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